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My Turn
by Lea Rebane

Beltane 2002, Vol 1-3
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Love Conquers Everything

Copyright © Lea Rebane. All rights reserved.

This drawing, to me, shows that Magic does happen and that there are mysteries at play in the Universe. I am not an artist. In fact I never even attempted drawing (as I was not good at it) until I had dreams of Pan that helped me to understand one of the many misconceptions dictated to us by Christianity.

For some reason I felt I had to draw the image of Pan that came to me in my dream. Then I also drew my beautiful spirit friend that was with me for many years and taught me much wisdom.

Those drawings were nothing like the one at left. I drew this at a stage in my life when I felt energy. An energy that I could not do justice to by putting into words. It was an energy that led me to all sorts of strange things by following it that I would not normally do. It resonated in
every cell of my body, it coaxed me, it called me, it drove me nuts and I could hardly sleep.

During this period of my life I felt like I was living within the most beautiful Magic. I even began to play and write music again which I hadn't done in years and which was such a blessing to my soul.

The sweet soul that I drew in the picture above is someone who had a huge impact on my life; well her *energy* did! There was something, *something* in our connection that I still couldn't explain. I had thought that this energy was drawing us together, but it never did.

Though through this, miracles, true miracles happened in my life that led me home - both physically and emotionally. My life changed in the most incredible way. It is quite different to where I was when I drew this picture. I would truly love the opportunity one day to reconnect with this dear soul that I drew to find out how or if this energy affected her. Then again, perhaps it will remain as one of the mysteries.

So this drawing will always remain a symbol to me of proof that Magic does happen - in that I am certain spirit moved through me to create *it* and create the sacred transformation in my life.

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