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Beltane 2004, Vol 3-3
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"at" sign, "Reader's Mail"I wanted to say I really really like the Goddess of the Wheel sections as it helps expose me to various different Goddesses I don't regularly work with and from a womyn positive view. Not being Dianic myself but very aware and also very close to my heart, I would love to see it return as I still want to see the ones I have already missed :) I love the new section as well but will really miss the old one too - anyway to keep both?



"at" sign, "Editor's Response"Hi Aauriane -- Thanks so much for writing. It means a lot to us to hear what our readers like and want. The "Goddess in the Wheel of the Year" feature hasn't been permanently retired. Your letter has encouraged me to look for someone to take up the thread, sooner than I had thought to do so. I've had a few conversations, but so far don't have a volunteer juiced to write about that topic. In the meantime, I'm glad you're enjoying Donna Henes Celestially Auspicious Occasions....

So, readers...any of you passionate about writing about the Goddesses, specifically from a seasonal/cyclical perspective? If so, let us hear from you!



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