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Hathor Speaks

Lady of All the Gods
© Thalia Took

Hathor has been the great mother goddess for the Egyptian people for over 3000 years. Mother of all gods and goddesses. She is known to come in many forms. Her most commonly-known form is the winged cow, but her other forms include lioness, tree and woman.

She is the queen of the heavens, sun and moon. She is goddess of love, mirth, beauty and sensual pleasures. She protects all females, both animal and human, but she is also the lady of the night and queen of the underworld. In this guise, she becomes the destroyer and bringer of death.

The following Goddess story was channeled after spending some time developing a relationship with Hathor. The resulting text was her response to my question "What would you have me tell others about you?"

Her Story
"All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals", I like that a lot. I have created many wondrous things for my children to enjoy because their time on this earth is short and I want them to be able to immerse themselves in the pleasures that surround them. There is a bounty of things to delight and astonish in this wonderful world and I want my children to use all of their senses to the fullest every single moment of every single day.

Take flowers as an example. Flowers are a wonderful creation. They smell sweet and delight the eye while they tickle the cheek and lips. They seduce the bees and butterflies with the lure of succulent nectar. Every suitor knows of their magical qualities in that they are used to cast a spell on a potential lover. Woe to the soul that does not take time to "smell the flowers." At the very least allow yourself to sit and watch them grow, or even better still to find a field full of fragrant blossoms and to cover yourself in them. Roll about, strip down, and let them caress every part of you. Make love to them and they to you.

On the subject of food, this is my proclamation to you. Eat slowly and with much noise, enjoy every morsel. Drink deeply and long and savor every drop. As often as you can, eat all the fruit you can hold, because it is the nectar of the heavens and my proof to you that I want you to enjoy this life. Fruit is a paradox. From the smallest of berries to the largest of melons, it has but one purpose in life and that is to be devoured, for that is the only way it will survive. This is also your lot in life my children. Take this lesson from the fruit. Soak up all the sunshine you can hold. Take all that you need to become the most desirable of fruits and know that there is plenty for all the other little fruits to do the same.

Take in only the things that are fitting for a sweet and desirable fruit because no one likes sour grapes. Live your life as though each day was your last, for it may be so. Love long and passionately and in the moment. Be compassionate and generous to all beings around you for the memories you leave in the minds of the ones that survive you will light your way in the afterlife. Live your lives in such a way that there will be no regrets. For when I come to claim you for the underworld, there will be no question in your mind that you have had the best time ever.

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  • Lady of All the Gods, © Thalia Took. All rights reserved.
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