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Images of Compassion, Love, and Mercy

larger view

St. Cecilia's Cathedral
Omaha, Nebraska

larger view

St. Mary's Church
Galena, Illinois

larger view

St. Michael's Cemetery
Galena, Illinois

larger view

Grotto of the Redemption
West Bend Iowa

larger view

St. Raphael's Cathedral
Dubuque, Iowa

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MatriFocus Cross-Quarterly
is a seasonal web journal (zine) for Goddess Women and others interested in Goddess Lore and Scholarship, Goddess Religion (ancient and contemporary), Feminist Spirituality, Women's Mysteries, Paganism and Neopaganism, Earth-based Religions, Witchcraft, Dianic Wicca and other Wiccan Traditions, the Priestess Path, Goddess Art, Women's Culture, Women's Health, Natural Healing, Mythology, Female Shamanism, Consciousness, Community, Cosmology, and Women's Creativity.

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