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photo of Goddess Woman Abby Willowroot
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Abby Willowroot is an Archetypist, Goddess Artist, Priestess and a Mother. She is the founder and director of the Goddess 2000 Project, an International Arts Project, and the Spiral Goddess Grove, an online Goddess Temple. Her adult life has been dedicated to putting Goddess imagery and consciousness back into contemporary culture. Perhaps Abby's best known original contemporary Goddess image is the "Spiral Goddess" which she designed and created in 1978. As an archetypist and symbolist, the focus of Abby's work is on creating universal visual symbols and translating cultural concepts into an easily understood forms.

Raised on New England's Atlantic coast, Abby learned about Nature through the ocean, the salt marshes, ocean tide pools, the woods and NorEasters. For the past thirty-two years Abby Willowroot has been a full time professional Goddess artist. She is self-taught and considers herself a folk-artist, her work reflect many diverse artistic influences. She learned at an early age to follow her own Muse. Although best known for her contemporary Goddess jewelry in sterling and gold, many pieces are in porcelain, wood, bronze, concrete and graphics.

Ms. Willowroot's art has always been characterized by strong spiritual, organic and multi-cultural aspects. Although self-taught, Abby is a fourth generation metalsmith. As a child and she spent many Sundays with her father, a noted painter, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts gazing at their extensive collections of Goddesses and ancient Pagan sculptures and artifacts. This had a deep and lasting influence both visually and psychologically and is the foundation of her aesthetic sense. Despite no formal training, the constant exposure to fine art and metalwork were deep and lasting influences on the artist.

Not limited to 3D media, Abby is a well known Pagan Artist whose artwork has appeared in WomanSpirit Magazine, the cover of SageWoman Magazine's first issue, the cover of Judy Grahn's "Queen of Swords, and has authored many articles. She co-authored two readers' theater plays with Elizabeth Stillwater, and performed with Home Free Readers Theater and Mother Tongue Readers Theater.

Nine pieces of Ms. Willowroot's jewelry are in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. Abby's jewelry and sculptures were shown for many years at the Michigan Women's Music Festival, and the Renaissance Pleasure Faires in Southern California and Novato, California, and is a Masterpiece Award winner. The artist has also been active in environmental, women's, minority, and gay rights. Ms. Willowroot presents workshops and lectures on the Human Creativity, Sacred Art and Goddess Culture and their importance in contemporary society.

During the past five years Abby's online Goddess Art has been featured in articles, books and museum shows. Some of Abby's sculptural Goddess pieces are shown by Sacred Source (JBL). Her artwork has been widely shown in galleries across the country. Her studios and home are in Northern California. The extensive list of Ms. Willowroot's collectors includes: Marija Gimbutas, Meg Tilley, Shawnee Smith, Melissa Manchester, Alice Walker, Merlin Stone, Melissa Etheridge, Robin Tyler, Alley Sheedy, Marion Weinstein, and Lauren Raine.

Abby Willowroot has been a practicing Pagan since the mid 1960s. "My spiritual practices are simple, Goddess oriented and draw on the wisdom of many cultures. Fortunately, I was introduces to the sacredness of Nature at an early age by Julia Drew, a very wise woman. I have also been greatly influenced by the writings of J. Krishnamurti and focus on keeping my spirituality simple, sane and grounded."

"My artwork is a part of my spiritual practice, as is my online Goddess Temple, the Spiral Goddess Grove I am devoted to helping expand awareness of the Goddess heritage of all cultures, and fostering a reverence for Nature's Sacred Cycles. It is in understanding Nature that we will come to know ourselves."