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Artemis is an ecofeminist. She directs a woman's E-mail network in the Midwest, the purpose of which is to help save the earth. Artemis believes that a profound shift in perception and practices is essential to the survival of our planet. She embraces a philosophy that integrates feminist, ecological and spiritual values. As an ecofeminist, she recognizes that adhering to this philosophy will lead to the healing of our dis-eased, imbalanced and oppressed society. She believes this shift must occur on a multitude of levels.

Artemis believes there cannot be a separation between ecology and feminism, and neither one can be sustained without a spiritual foundation. If equality for women is achieved while the planet continues to be destroyed, what is the value of this equality? If we achieve a pollution-free planet, safe from any kind of nuclear or biochemical threat, while women remain disempowered and disenfranchised, the Earth continues to remain unsafe for all her inhabitants.

The definition of the ecofeminist philosophy was inspired by Nancy Van Arsdall, author of Coming Full Circle (1995). To join the Ecofeminist Network list serve, write to <>. Put your name, address, telephone and E-mail address in the message. Write the word "subscribe" in the subject.

Artemis is an Advising Council member of Matrilocal Circle. In her leisure time, Artemis makes bat houses, winter roosts for native birds, and spring nesting bird houses for migrant birds. She can be reached at <>.