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photo of Goddess Woman Bellezza

Bellezza Squillace has been teaching beginning and advanced Feminist Astrology classes for decades. She reads natal and transit charts for individuals, couples and groups all across the country. Bellezza can be contacted on

An Ordained Priestess of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess International (RCGI), Bellezza has studied astrology for almost four decades. Born into a Strega family, she is one of the first graduates of the Women's Thealogical Institute of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, an international religion, and has a degree as a Ritualist, Scholar, Teacher and Organizer.

Bellezza was fascinated by the stars and moon as a child and read all the books she could get her hands on about them. In grammar school she studied the Roman pantheon common to astronomy and astrology to understand the archetypes of the planets and constellations. While researching a high school project, she discovered an astrology book that used manual calculations to create a natal chart. It was during this project that she drew up her first chart.

Understanding astrology, she says, is much like learning a foreign language - one that doesn't resonate in your heart until you hear it spoken. As part of her undergraduate work she took classes in Astronomy and Mythology, which provided a rich foundation for understanding this new way of thinking.

Over the years, Bellezza learned the formulas of astrology as she calculated charts of family members and friends. This new language came easily to her. Call it intuition, call it subconscious knowing, Bellezza had a gift for reading charts in a way that surprised even her.

She began teaching Astrology classes as a student in the Womens' Thealogical Institute in RCGI. As her teaching expanded into the Minneapolis/St. Paul community, she began casting hundreds of charts, reading natal and transit charts, as well as dynamic charts for couples and groups.

With a growing database of participants, Bellezza conducted small research studies examing how certain placements affect individuals working in groups. The results of these initial studies led to her ongoing practice of advising groups on effective ways to work together.

She co-founded the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess/ MN (RCG/MN), published a quarterly newsletter named Berkana and established a ritual training community in Minnesota called Women Of The Rite (WOTR). She moved to Los Angeles and travels the country leading workshops, seminars and teaching online courses that enhance women's understanding of their innate spirituality.

Bellezza's connection and understanding of nature is an integral part of who she is. Much of her personal practice includes working with various spiritual guides from the plant and animal nations as well as the natural elements.

Her areas of expertise as a Guardian and Priestess include public and private ritual and divination through astrology and tarot. She recognizes the particular energy and call of Guardians that has been hidden and misunderstood until recently and currently teaches a number of workshops about energy management and movement.

Bellezza is outspoken and dynamic, uniquely insightful, inspirational and passionate. She brings to her work an incredible range of knowledge, maturity, energy and thoughtfulness.

She will work with you to determine where you are on your spiritual path and ways to move forward with your goals always clearly in sight. Her ability as a spiritual teacher will challenge your personal growth and enhance your understanding of yourself and the world around you.