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Rev. Nano Boye Nagle

Boye with her beloved Shay

Rev. Boye and her beloved Shay

boye with her teachers

Rev. Boye with her teachers Murshid Ana Rabia Chisti and Rev. Gina Rose Halpern, director of the Chaplaincy Institute of the Arts and Interfaith Ministries.

Boye is an interfaith Minister of the Sufi Path and a Chaplain of Arts Ministry. Over the last few years her heart has opened to the call of the Goddess and she serves Goddess communities in various capacities.

Minstrel, singer, theologian, poet, counselor and healer, she is available for Weddings, Holy Unions and other Rituals. She offers EFT treatment in her private practice, as well as individual Spiritual Coaching and Dreamwork.

Boye is a former columnist (Queer Spirituality) and Poetry Editor for MatriFocus.


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