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photo of Eve sitting at her desk

Eve Farrell says: I've worked when I needed to. I've had a lot of bean counter jobs and some Goddess gift jobs. Once, I got a civil service job as the housing newspaper editor in Pearl Harbor because I threatened to turn a hose on government employees who intended to reshape my beautiful umbrella tree into a vase-shaped maple. They wanted that monkeypod wood. They were up my tree with electric saws, so the hose worked. I was "invited" to speak to the Housing Director. I called him a glorified janitor, so he hired me. The Goddess works her mysteries. I loved that job. One of my sons recently visited our old street in Hawaii and that huge old umbrella tree is still
there. My claim to fame. I love trees. It's why I live in the woods.

We were a Navy family for 20 years. We lived in Spain, Morocco, DC, CA, and HI. (Goddesses read: tidepool crabbing, geode hunting, peace marching, Chinatown, Scuba diving.)

I'm married 44 years. We "knew" each other at first sight. We have lived many lives together. In this life, we have a nice balance. (He is the ant, I am the grasshopper.) This time he's of Celtic/American Indian heritage and as such is an undeclared pagan and understands me. He is magical with animals. We have raised three sons and have 10 grandchildren.

I came to the Goddess Path over 20 years ago. I'm a member of RCGI, am drawn to the Dianic tradition. I love being a member of a female religious community. To me, it's like coming safely into port. I am an empath, so shun crowds and am unbearably uncomfortable in airplanes.

Favorite manifestation: our no-kill, nonprofit shelter -- 17,000 charmed animals placed in over 20 years.

Favorite job: feature writer/photographer for a small town newspaper for 5 years. The doors that opened.

Favorite hobbies: Playing with stones. I design stone and silver Goddess jewelry. Read stone runes, do pendulum work, and combine Reiki with laying on of stones. I write poetry that rhymes and love to read it dramatically to captive audiences.. I love reading Motherpeace tarot. I drum enthusiastically.

Totems: Dragonfly, Puma, and Crow.