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American Kestrel courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Service

FireHawk has been serving Goddess and her spiritual community from both sides of the veil for just shy of two decades. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher and has been practicing Reiki for 15 years.

She graduated from the Women's Theological Institute as a Healer and Organizer. She has more recently graduated from the Temple of Diana's Spiral Door Program, a four-year program concentrating on the study of magic and women's mysteries. She was ordained by Temple of Diana as Priestess/Guardian of the Veil.

She serves her community and her Goddess in many ways, including administering to the sick and dying (both humans and critters of all kinds), teaching, various healing techniques, organizing events and lending a friendly ear when needed.

Her Goddess stories were channeled after spending some time developing a relationship with each of the Goddesses in question. The resulting text was their response to her question "What would you have me tell others about you?"