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photo of Goddess Woman Flash Silvermoon

Flash Silvermoon is a nationally known psychic, astrologer, musician, teacher and author. She is an eclectic Dianic Priestess as well as being a vibrational healer. Flash has worked on many cases that have challenged the authorities and has a large clientele that includes the famous and nearly-famous. She's been serving the community for 31 years as a psychic astrologer and healer.

Flash specializes in the use of stones and crystals, working with them through layout on the body, and in the use of grids, elixirs and her own unique combinations called "Power Tools." Flash also uses Flower Essences in her practice, which includes animals as well as humans.

Flash has been a leader in her field since the early 70's and has recently turned her efforts towards multi-cultural women's gatherings.

Check out Flash's Website for more information, or send her email at flashsilvermoon (at] aol [dot) com.