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Giselle Vincett

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Giselle Vincett is a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. She edits scholarly material for MatriFocus and contributes some of her own work. A sociologist of religion, she is very interested in contemporary trends in religion, particularly in the West. Currently, she's doing research on the spirituality of young people in the UK, but her Ph.D. work focused on the spiritualities of feminist women (Goddess Feminists, Christian feminists, and those who fell somewhere between the two).

Her thesis is available through the British Library (Vincett, Giselle, 2007. Feminism and Religion: a Study of Christian Feminists and Goddess Feminists in the UK. Lancaster, UK: Lancaster University). Though her Ph.D. work was limited to the UK, she is originally from Canada and thus is also interested in religious trends in North America.


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