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Harita Meenee is a Greek independent scholar researching women's history, the Greco-Roman world and the Goddess. She lives in Athens, Greece, but spends part of her time in Southern California. She studied classical literature and language; her graduate studies were in the field of counseling. She has translated poetry, published in several literary magazines, as well as prose, such as W.K.C. Guthrie's Orpheus and the Greek Religion.

She has presented cultural TV programs and has lectured in universities in Greece and the US. She offers the online seminars "Myths & Archetypes" and "The Wisdom of Dreams," focusing on Goddess myths and symbols. Her articles have appeared in many Hellenic and American magazines. She is the author of four books:

Neo-Paganism: Rebirth of the Ancient Religion. Salonica: Archetypo Press, 2000. (In Greek)
On the Path of Aphrodite. Athens: Eleusis Press 2003. (In Greek)
The Women’s Olympics and the Great Goddess. Athens: Eleusis Press 2004. (In English)
The Sacred Feminine and Mary Magdalene. Athens: Eleusis 2005. (In Greek)

Visit her website,, to read her articles and translations of ancient hymns and to find out more about her books, seminars and upcoming events. Myspace profile and blog: