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photo of Goddess Woman Jesamyn Angelica

Jesamyn Angelica is an Herbalist, Witch and initiated Dianic Priestess living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She serves as a Temple Priestess for the Daughters of the Goddess Womyn's Temple and is a committed feminist, healer, and ceremonialist, working towards womyn's empowerment, sisterhood, and community.

Jesa is available for spiritual cleansings of home, office and temple, ritual facilitation, and workshops on spiritual cleansing, healing, medicinal and magickal herbalism, and other topics. She also custom creates candles and magickal oils for your spellwork.

Ms. Angelica has been a practicing Witch since 1990, an Herbalist since 1997, and was initiated into the Dianic community as a Priestess on the Full Moon in Cancer, January 2004. Jesa is also a Writer and Editor and is currently at work on several feminist, womyn's spirituality, and herbalism books.

Please contact Jesa at You are warmly invited to join her and other Sisters at our Dianic discussion group and/or on our new Dianic events announcement-only list.