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photo of health coach Karin Witzig

Karin Witzig of Wild Woman Wellness™ Health Coaching is a speaker, writer and expert in empowering women in taking the steps to getting healthy through pleasure, fun, and cultivating community and womanhood.

As a former workaholic, education executive and corporate drone, Karin truly understands the demands and challenges facing today's modern woman.

Wild Woman Wellness™ is about inspiring women to live a wildly successful life - in love, career, home and most importantly, in health. Karin believes that through health, women gain clarity, energy and motivation to live their lives as a reflection of their values and as a vehicle for self-expression.

As a graduate of Marymount College (part of a sister network of The Marymount Colleges for Women) in New York and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, she has been extensively trained in modern health counseling, eastern and western nutrition and using food as therapy. She has studied with well-known masters of the alternative health field and continues her education and personal growth through living a wildly delicious, Goddess-inspired life. Karin is on staff at Integrative Nutrition teaching and training future health counselors.

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