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Kassandra Sojourner is an ordained priestess through the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International. A former scientist and therapist, she finally found her niche as an author, cofounder and production manager of the feminist and Goddess spirituality press, Creatrix Books LLC. She and her life partner, Carol Marshall, live outside Madison, Wisconsin with many beloved critters. She is dedicated to bringing back She-of-Ten-Thousand-Names.

Kassandra's book, She Who Walks the Labyrinth, took more than ten years to complete and is a true labor of love. She weaves together myth and history to tell the tale of a people who not only knew their nation would fall, but who took steps to ensure the survival of their contributions. Ultimately, this is not a story of tragedy, but one of triumph of an indomitable people.

Kassandra Sojourner is available for book signings and for performances of her "Goddess Monologues".