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photo of Kat Arial

Kat Arial has been doing energy work and celebrating the Goddess since 1998. She finds that when she invites the warmth and light of the Goddess into her life, possibilities open up for creativity, friendship, healing, inner direction, and solidarity with other people. She has been doing bodywork informally for a while, and has learned to work with chakras and to do soul retrieval. She has been practicing martial arts since age fifteen; her favorites are aikido and qi gong. She has studied energetic and shamanic skills with Francesca de Grandis, Ruth Barrett and Falcon River, and Ana Larramendi.

Kat has been publishing poetry since she was in high school in downtown Chicago. She also writes short stories and is working on a novel. She likes to write about female empowerment and to include elements of fantasy and magic. Past publications include: Rio Arts, New Expression,, Dyverse, Moondance, the chapbook collection A Voice of Her Own, and the exhibit Healing Works.