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"Gnosis" -- fractal art (c) Maria Kruse

Maria Kruse was born in southern Florida at the end of the hurricane season and has traveled around the world, painting and writing. She lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. She is Wiccan and has been most of her life.

She says: "I use my art and my poetry and short stories to better understand my own spiritual explorations. A friend and I started the Poets and Writers magazine in September 2003, and it has been well received by the local writers groups who agreed with us on the need for such a magazine here in New Mexico. I am learning photography and have fallen in love with my digital camera. The Lady has blessed me with a quiet time to learn and to teach. It is enough.

Fractal Firebird and Black Flamingo Tarot Decks

Las Cruces Poets and Writers Magazine