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Max Dashu

Max Dashu photo

Max is an artist, writer, and teacher who founded the Suppressed Histories Archives. She has built a collection of over 14,000 slides and 100 shows on global women's history, archaeology, Goddess traditions, priestesses and shamans. She has presented at universities, community centers, bookstores, schools, prisons, festivals and conferences around North America. Visit to see her slideshow catalog, articles, and excerpts from The Secret History of the Witches, a forthcoming sourcebook on European folk religion, women's culture, and the witch hunts.

Max is one of the founding mothers of the Women's Spirituality resurgence, and an artist whose paintings re-envision bold and spirited women, pagan sacraments and goddesses around the world (see Her art has appeared in Daughters of the Moon Tarot, in books by Judy Grahn, Diane Stein, and Martha Shelley, and her own Witch Dream Comix (1975), as well as many feminist, lesbian, and pagan publications over the years. She is now working on a DVD of her Women's Power slide presentation, and a book on mother-right societies (matrilineal/matrilocal/gender-egalitarian cultures).


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