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detail of charcoal drawing of woman, crescent moon, and bird
detail, Spirit Flight
© Nellie Levine.
All rights reserved.

Nellie Levine has enjoyed drawing as an expression of self and spirit since she was quite little, and her first published artwork consisted of illustrations done for a teen empowerment workbook, when she was sixteen years old. She studied drawing, sculpture, symbolism, and philosophy at Studio 70, a fine art atelier with an emphasis on learning from nature.

She is the Divining Arts columnist for The Beltane Papers, for which she also contributes reviews and other writing, and from which she receives warm support and friendship. Her woman-oriented writing has appeared in a diverse number of magazines, including SageWoman, W.I.G., and New Thought Journal, as well as online at Witches' Voice, Moondance, and Awakened Woman. She is also a staff reviewer at The Green Man Review.

Her home is in the mountains of Vermont, where she is grateful to live in beauty.