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Prema Dasara is an international teacher and performer of sacred dance. Schooled in the traditions of India, Nepal, Tibet and Bali, she has created ritual dance offerings of great depth, power and beauty. "I must have danced out of my mother's womb," says Prema Dasara, who began formal dance training at the age of three. She soon abandoned the formalities to dance on her own, like her idol Isadora Duncan, as a personal expression in nature.

Captivated by the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism, she has choreographed dances to some of the ancient prayers and practices of this profound system. Prema is recognized by some of the most respected Tibetan lamas as a bridge between the Eastern transmission and the Western expression of this ancient wisdom. She has recently taught and performed at Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, India, by the invitation of His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, one of the regents of the legendary yogi and meditation master His Holiness, The Karmapa.

Her home is in Hawaii on the rainbow island of Maui where she lives in a remote mountain sanctuary. She feels the nurturing beauty of the island gave birth to the mandala dance of the Goddess Tara. She has toured the world teaching communities this exquisite expression of empowerment and liberation.

The many songs and dances she has written for children blend the captivating stories of Hindu and Buddhist divinities with the basic ideas of Eastern philosophy. The children participate in the dance offerings with innocent joy, touching the hearts of all who witness. Prema seeks to awaken her students and audience to the magnificent potential of their own humanity. Inspiring and uplifting, she invites all to enter the bliss nectar joy of their own heart's freedom.