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Sage Starwalker

Sage is Co-Editor of MatriFocus, web maven, scholar-activist, artist, crafter, and writer. She's a woman in transition, living disabled, loving life.

She has a website and blog — Goddessing — that got left behind as she devoted herself to self-healing and to publishing MatriFocus. She hopes to get back to that work some day.

Sage's spiritual journey led her from Texas to Wisconsin, where she practices wild magick for the untamed heart and looks for ecstasy and epiphany in daily life. Her spiritual practices include serving temple cats and other acts of devotion.

A graduate of the Spiral Door Mystery School and the Cella Training Program, Sage is an eternal student. She believes that asking questions is where it's at. Finding answers is secondary, though rewarding.

Sage has seen too many women hurt in Pagan communities to believe that Paganism as an organized religion is a good idea. She believes that transforming society is something that is accomplished by transforming the self. She's found these things to be useful endeavors, to that end:

  • Seek, honor and act on personal revelatory experience.
  • Develop functional communication and conflict transformation skills.
  • Act on Audre Lorde's dictum ("The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House") when working to build life-, Goddess-, woman-, and earth-positive culture.
  • Pay attention to how living systems organize themselves and get with the program!


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