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photo of Sabrina Santa Clara at a young age

Sabrina Santa Clara has a wide variety of dance training including jazz, modern, Samba, Salsa, Afro-Haitian, Hawaiian, Indian, Middle-Eastern, improvisational contact and various freeform techniques. While Sabrina has studied technique in order to open up her own movement possibilities, it is the expressive and spiritual practice of dance to which she resonates. In addition she has practiced various movement systems such as yoga, tai chi, The Alexander Technique, chi gung, pilates, etc. She is a professional body worker and focuses on the integration of the spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and mundane worlds in both her dance and massage practice.

Sabrina has over 12 years of massage experience. She completed the majority of her major studies at the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) in her hometown of San Diego, California. IPSB is known for its well-balanced integration of eastern and western modalities and its emphasis on spiritual and psychological processes. Her major was in Structural Integration (Rolfing) and Sports Massage, however, over the last several years her practice has evolved to a focus on the more emotional and spiritual aspects of healing.

Sabrina also has over 10 years of management experience including project management and human resources management and has worked as an operations and efficiency expert. Her particular gifts are the ability to create structure and processes for greater efficiency. Additionally, she has well developed conflict resolution skills and has worked with various organizations and groups to facilitate communication and conflict resolution. Sabrina is available on a consulting basis. She will be returning to school in the fall (2002) to earn her MA in Counseling Psychology and Clinical Social Work Certification.

Cell: 576-8863

§ Individual Movement & Massage Sessions
Please contact Sabrina directly to make appointments for massage or movement exploration. Sabrina lives on a farm just outside of Cambridge, WI, and practices primarily from her home. She will do outcalls for group movement exploration and two or more back-to-back massage appointments.

§ Consulting: Human Resources, Conflict Resolution, Efficiency Expert
Please contact Sabrina directly to discuss contracting for business needs.

§ Embodying the Goddess through Movement (Course 1101-M001)
Fee: $40 Location: 4322 Buckeye Road
Dates: Mondays, November 5-26, 7-9 p.m.
Course Info: In this space we will provide an opportunity to explore movement as a psychological, emotional and spiritual process. We will observe how self-imposed limitations affect our movement and explore the possibility of relinquishing those limits in order to make a more comfortable space for the embodiment of the divine through dance. Throughout the course we will become co-creators in embracing the aspects of specific goddesses. As mirrors keep us focused on how we look rather than how we experience, there will be no mirrors in this space. To avoid the same result from human mirrors (i.e., your coursemates) there will be a strong emphasis on internal focus. Approximately half of the course hours are spent moving and half on lecture, meditation and group process.

Registration Info: Contact RCGI/The Women's Theological Institute at (608) 226-9998 or Class size is limited so early registration is advised. Please reference code 1101-M001. You may also send a check to RCG-I, Box 6530, Madison, WI 53716.