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Terry L.H. Brumley

Portrait of Terry Brumley

Terry grew up in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Fine Arts. She lives in a 150-year-old Victorian home in the country outside of Evansville, Wisconsin. She's married and has four beautiful children, a pride of neutered and spayed stray cats, a rescued cob horse and two rescued ponies, a Westie, and an Irish Wolfhound.

Terry says:

I am politically involved in global sustainability, human civil rights,and the protection or our greatest treasure, the environment. I have worked in art education, ecological landscape design, and as a freelance artist in many mediums. My life passion is creating Art that awakens our consciousness to the beauty of the Dance of Life in all its forms and the knowledge of our interconnection to the magick of creation. I have worked as a solitary in the Druidic Tradition for many years, and I am currently an initiate in the Dianic Tradition here in Wisconsin.

My current works include a forthcoming series of seasonal Goddess-centered cards. I am also working on a series of nonprofit drawings of endangered American Species and commissioned environmentally focused art works. I am honored to have the opportunity to illustrate the sacred work of those who serve the Goddess through Matrifocus.

Please feel free to contact me at brumleyt @ (remove spaces).


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