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Seasonal Guided Meditation
by Judith Laura

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Imbolc 2004, Vol 3-2
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tree and rootsSpring Equinox

Relax and take a few long, deep breaths. Let your breathing become deep, even and relaxing. In your mind's eye, see the trees as they are at the end of winter. Think now of a particular tree -- a deciduous tree -- perhaps in your yard or near where you live, or in a park or a place you pass every day. See that tree clearly, its bare limbs bending in the wind. And as you see that tree in your mind's eye, enter into that tree, become that tree at the end of winter. And as you continue to breathe deeply and gently, feel that your limbs are bare, but your roots go deep.

Breathe in deeply, and then, as you exhale, follow your breath down to your roots as they go deep, deep into the earth.

Inhale now and draw up nourishment from the earth.

Exhale, consciously breathing out any toxin, any poison, any illness of body or mind or society that you want to get rid of. Name it in your mind as you forcefully blow it out now.


Now let your breathing become easy again; and inhale, from deep in your roots, from deep in your ancestral past-- before patriarchy, before nourishment from Our Great Mother was forbidden -- and bring Her nourishment up through your roots, through your trunk, inhaling -- tree and rootslet it fill you. And as this nourishment -- this healing -- fills you, feel the energy rising through your body until it pulsesthrough your limbs and you feel the sprouts of first leaves, the blossoms of flowers, as they emerge from your branches.


And now our limbs are growing, reaching out to one another. They touch, intertwine, forming a circle of life, as our breaths interweave, as our lives interweave, we are woven in Her, energized in Her -- we blossom in Her, we bloom together.


Now take another few gentle breaths and recognize that the tree's limbs are once again your limbs, your arms; the tree's trunk, your body. But as you come back to this time and place, you keep the knowledge of how to reach Her nourishment, and you keep the feeling of our interwoven branches, our interwoven being, our interwoven lives.

From She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother, 10th Anniversary Edition. Copyright 1999 by Judith Laura. Submitted by the author and used with permission.

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