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My Turn -- Reader Contribution
by Sophia

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Imbolc 2004, Vol 3-2
MatriFocus, a Cross-Quarterly Web Magazine for Goddess Women Near & Far

Fortuna Visualization Exercise

All around you is spinning color,
Like rainbows gone mad
Or a whirlpool of light,
A field of forces that pull on your limbs,
Whip through your hair
Like the wild wind-storm.
You feel it to the center of your being,
A centrifugal current that shakes your bones,
Vibrates through you
Like the earthquake or the tidal wave.
You shake in the grip of the gods.
Out of the chaos order is born;
Visions flow of history,
The movement of peoples
And the rise and fall of nations,
The voyages of explorers
And the lives of families,
The rhythms of cities
And the peace of small villages,
The movement on roadways
And the dreams of slumber.
In the eye of your mind they dwell:
The works and follies,
Fortunes and losses,
Joys and sorrows of humanity.
Behind this mask of constant change
You glimpse a visage serene and calm
Who touches all with unseen hands
And turns this wheel of fortune.
She is hard to focus upon,
Impossible to define;
Reach out to her and she cannot be touched,
Listen to the errant strains of her music
Which drift like colors on the breeze
And they slip away again.
She is beyond and behind the senses;
She is more a part of you than blood or bone
And yet you cannot grasp her.
Golden and mercurial,
Swifter than sight of the eye,
She dances, whirling ceaselessly
As the world spins and the planets turn
And the stars weave patterns of fate.
She is the trickster
Who builds up and tears down cultures,
Fools people into wisdom,
Tricks them into truth.
She dances, and all follow her rhythm
Of rise and fall in turn;
She is the first cause of all creation,
The mother of miracle and catastrophe,
Of terrible accidents and happy coincidences,
Of discovery and loss, of lies and truth.
Never where you think she is
And found where you least expect her,
She delights and surprises,
Disappoints and dismays,
Reveals and conceals all mysteries.
Earthquake and whirlwind, fire and flood
Follow in her footsteps;
Blessing and healing and inspiration
Are poured from her hands.
Nothing but paradox may describe her,
Contradiction and change are her constant qualities.
She gazes upon you & blesses you
Good Fortune fills you!
She moves in mysterious ways,
And you cannot guess
Which way
She will turn next.

From The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment by Sophia (Andrews McMeel Publishing ISBN: 0-7404-3496-2). Submitted by the author and used with permission.

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