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Return of the Daughter: Enlightenment

The most reliable sources report that the Tsunami rupture occurred at 7:58:53 am (local time at Epicenter = 0:58:53 UT), on Sunday 12/26/04, nine kilometers SE of the Northern Sumatra town of Padang Sidempuan, Indonesia.
Chart © 2004 Bellezza Squillace
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The astrology community is buzzing with the horrific level of significance in the chart of the Tsunami rupture. Although politics and spirituality often go hand-in-hand for Goddess wimmin, Global/Political astrology is not my field. My comments are limited to spiritual reflection of Neptune, god of the Seas and the great Ocean of our collective unconscious, seen in the 1st house of this chart.

You might be wondering what "Return of the Daughter" means or if we will see her in our lifetime. You may also wonder if she is a single leader who changes the face of humanity, or if the "return" is each of us taking personal responsibility for our part in the collective.

At some phase in our lives, many of us longed for the ancient times of the matriarchy when females had more personal, socio-economic and political power.

Collectively wimmin gained those personal powers, however, our culture is not reflecting the same conditions we may have enjoyed in the Matriarchal Age. It is quite possible that our power is more spiritual in nature and if that is the case, then we may wish to turn our attention to understanding Neptune transits in our charts.

According to the mythology, Neptune is a god of storms, earthquakes, tidal waves and hurricanes, able to unleash primal rage & emotional intensity upon the land and sea at will. These kinds of occurrences can, and as recent events confirm, do wipe out thousands of people at a time without warning.

This correlates to the kind of out-of-control feelings one can experience during a Neptune transit. Nothing stops the emotional or intuitive tsunami from drowning the Neptune person without warning during a major transit when emotions and instincts are not allowed to exist in their outer lives or when they are not released at proper intervals.

Although the mythology is often attributed to male god energy, expressions of Neptune are regarded as feminine to many of us. Strong Neptune placements are seen in the charts of empaths, poets, idealists, dreamers, musicians, actors and dancers, and in the charts of more androgynous males. It is significant in charts of people with all sorts of addictions, as well as people who make a living in therapy, as natural healers, or who have spiritual vocations and practices.

The active energetic strength of Neptune people is that they are emotional bridges between the worlds of reality and beyond. They love deeply, offering infinite compassion and healing in extraordinary ways.

With so much sensitivity and tenderness demonstrated in their lives, most people with strong Neptune placements do not survive well in the world unless they either deny their dreams or live a constant struggle to fit in the world without them. Some find they absorb so much energy around them at times that they lack personal boundaries and a sense of purpose or direction in a rational world.

Without concrete defense mechanisms, our Neptune people make a too-easy shift into addictions in order to deny and suppress what they cannot express in their outside world. This is exactly the passive energy of Neptune using illusion, denial and dependency.

Where our natal Neptune placement is found in our charts is precisely where we can be our most spiritual, and also where we are subjected most to those illusions, denial of reality and loss of energy or energy overload.

Medically, Neptune rules the lymphatic system which separates out and destroys harmful foreign bodies and poisons within the system. If it cannot distinguish what belongs and what does not, the defense system breaks down and the body becomes susceptible to disease and death.

To determine your natal chart and current Neptune transit, consult your local astrologer, or Bellezza Squillace at The 12th House, or roll your own:
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Under the current Aquarius Neptune energy, we are globally influenced by an awareness of being one with all of creation. This awareness is central to a mystical experience and is commonly sought through chanting, dancing, trance, prayer and fasting. When we surrender to this process, we go beyond the veils of illusions and enter into communion with our divine source. The real magick is whether we can see beyond the illusions we create to survive.

You may wish to check your chart for the following Neptune transits:

1st House: Engage in more compassion towards others. Begin with yourself and work on understanding who you are spiritually.

2nd House: Believe that you will have what you need and become more detached from your material resources.

3rd House: Be clear in how you communicate with others, both in listening and speaking. Work on becoming more flexible mentally and look for subtle insights.

4th House: Create a more ideal home life for yourself. This transit brings more of a focus for you regarding your parents and childhood. Stay in touch with truth.

5th House: Avoid risky ventures or unrealistic love affairs. Pay attention to the health of your children or creative projects. Your imagination will be very stimulated now.

6th House: Be especially careful about nutrition and hygiene. Work creatively and with integrity in service towards others.

7th House: Misunderstandings & misrepresentations are common issues between business or intimate partners during this transit. Take your time. Trust your instincts.

8th House: This is a good time for therapy and getting into your deepest motivations. Learn more about yourself. Be careful with joint resources.

9th House: You will be exposed to ideas and influences that may blur your usual viewpoint and challenge your confidence. Give yourself permission to be ignorant and NOT know. You will soon understand your relationship to the universe.

10th House: Change your attitude about what you do for a living. Examine if you are called to this work and if it still meets your highest good.

11th House: See how you and your friends deal with reality as you actualize your values and dreams. Ensure that you & the people in your life share support and pool your energies for real growth.

12th House: Reflect more, question and evaluate what your life has meant on spiritual terms.

Resources / Further Information

  • Astro sources: SolarFire v5.1 Professional Software
  • Planets in Transit, Robert Hand. Para Research, Rockport, MA. 1976

Graphics Credits

  • Tsunami Rupture Chart.© 2004 Bellezza Squillace. All rights reserved.
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