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Fitness the Goddess Way

How many times have you made yourself feel badly for not getting off your behind to exercise? How many times have you started an exercise regime only to get off track, bored or uninspired a few weeks into it? It's time to turn yourself ON to exercise and movement.

There's only one catch: You'll have to give up being really hard on yourself. Some of you may not be ready for it. Eventually it gets old, or you do, and in either case then you're ready to give it up. I truly encourage you to start now.

Something's Gotta Change

Have you seen the movie, As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson? There's a scene where he goes to see his therapist's office and on his way out, he stops to ask the patients waiting in the waiting room -- "what if this is as good as it gets?" The entire room breaks down and starts crying. Kinda funny, but it makes a great point.

Unless you are going to start working out like you say you've been meaning to, unless something changes pretty damn soon, unless you do something different, the odds are stacked in favor of your body being as good as it gets right NOW.

Two choices:

  1. Accept that you'll never exercise regularly and be happy with what it looks like now and spend your energy thinking of something more enjoyable.
  2. Choose to take on exercise, but in a whole new way.

For the enterprising goddess, I have a special invitation. An idea that will help you fall in love with exercise. Don't exercise. Instead just move your body.

Exercise conjures associations such as "I have to", "I should", "I will one day, someday, maybe," to name a few. When was the last time we leaped joyfully towards that!? None of those feel good, right? So cut yourself some slack and consider a few things:

  1. Get rid of shoulds.
  2. Go for movement vs. exercise.

Change Your Thinking

Delete the word "should" from your vocabulary. Immediately. Right now. Do it. Have your friends forbid you to use it! Do whatever it takes! It does you no good. Choose the word "could" instead.

Using the word "could" vs. "should" implies choice. After all, isn't that the truth? You do have the choice, you can choose to move your body and you can choose to take responsibility for not shaking your thing. You made the choices that got you here. Sorry, it's bad news, I know. The good part is that once you get clear what's happened and acknowledge what IS, you can move forward.

Create a Movement Menu

I had a client who just wouldn't exercise, despite her incessant talking and complaining about it. So I decided to not call it exercise anymore and take a different approach. She instantly lit up.

Together we created a "movement menu." Ah… sounds delicious and curiously inviting, yes? Now you know you're on the right track if you're feeling a bit piqued.

A movement menu is a list of inspiring movement (or exercise) options for different types of energy levels, time restraints and situations. In my experience, if you have an inspiring menu of options for movement ready and easily in view (like your refrigerator), you are far more likely to get moving.
Think about it, it's harder to figure out what you'll do for movement on any given day, because you and I both know it all depends on your mood, stress level and energy. However, if you have a menu of options for a variety of moods and desired results, you'll always have something to choose, and you will less likely get off track.

Get Moving the Goddess Way

Create your own delicious menu of non-food activities that has you moving your body. Describe your choices, so that they are naturally attractive, just a like a fine menu in a restaurant. Include 5 minute activities (appetizers), such as dancing to your favorite song, to one hour walks (entrees) or weight training (smorgasbord -- pick and choose what you want on your plate). Whatever feels good to you.

Take an inventory of your exercise videos, exercise equipment and creative ways you can move your body, both at home or at the office. Write them down (see examples below) and the next time you need a break, want to move, choose something from your menu. You'll never be bored!
Here are some examples from my Movement Menu:

Pick a Favorite Yoga Video Perfect for when you need to calm down, get grounded and feel strong. Pick a 20 minute video, Living Arts Series are great. Do it now.

The Five Minute Power Walk When all you have is five minutes… great at the office, around the block, up and down a flight of stairs; great for dealing with an upset… do this a few times a day and you've done a lot! Guaranteed to have you feeling energized in five minutes. The key is to walk briskly.

Take a Class When you have the time, need inspiration, a body make-over feeling and energy from being with others. (I keep schedules of my nearby classes at local gyms and fitness centers)

Take a Lesson Sometimes you need someone to get you back on track. Call your favorite personal trainer, yoga teacher or inspiring friend and schedule a workout session with them. Works like a charm.

You could have as many as 15 movement options on your menu and as little as 5. The key is to leave this in plain view and refer to it often. This tool completely relieves you of coming up with ideas when you need them most. Instead, you'll have them laid out and ready to inspire you.

You Can Do It

You are good. You are beautiful just the way you are. Read that again. Today, revel in the idea of uncovering your favorite ways to move your body. Swim around in the concept of "movement vs. exercise". Let yourself really get it. Get how you are perfectly capable to discover and create ways to move your body that feel good and are good for you. You may find that you'll be drawn to ways you already move your body -- walking, dancing, morning stretch, taking the stairs. It's all good.
For the raring to go, I'll share with you my absolute favorite way to move. It's worked so well for my clients and me, you won't even realize you're enjoying exercise again.

Your duty for all womankind and sisters worldwide is to dance to a favorite tune. Dance wildly, as if no one was looking and you were inventing a new style of dance. Get silly, shake your thing. Just move. It only takes 3 minutes to dance to your favorite song. Channel NIKE, the ancient Goddess of Victory and JUST DO IT.

Karin Witzig of Wild Woman Wellness™ Health Coaching has been in a private practice and a Speaker in the New York metropolitan area and has a national clientele of courageous women breaking out of their food ruts and energy-lulls. She specializes in making getting healthy highly pleasurable, practical and fun. She can be reached via

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