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Introducing MatriFocus Review

Why is our new (US) President the "first 21st century president of the United States"? Because he's the first president to have a computer as part of his office equipment.

What makes MatriFocus a 21st century Goddess publication (apart from being online since 2001)? It must be the inroads we're making into Web 2.0 this season:

About MatriFocus Review
With our new bookblog, MatriFocus Review, you can contribute short reviews of the books you're reading (old or new). You can also comment on other people's reviews. After years of publishing book reviews in MatriFocus (the journal), we're opening to our community this satisfying process of loving and talking about books.

Bookblog posts will appear a lot more frequently than our cross-quarterly journal. Here's how it will work: If you're interested in reviewing, email us at matrifocusreview [{-at-}] gmail [{-dot-}] com, and we'll send you a format sheet and other instructions to get you started. If you're interested in commenting on a review, click comments just below a review, and start typing.

Rating the Book

* * * * * (5 stars): Highly recommended.
Memorable, wise, beautiful, maybe transformative. No dead spots, wrong notes, or misinformation.

* * * * (4 stars): Recommended.
A satisfying, entertaining, informative read. No major flaws.

* * * (3 stars): An ok read.
Somewhat entertaining or informative, but somewhat flawed.

* * (2 stars): Not worth buying.
At least one worthwhile aspect, but many serious flaws.

* (1 star): Not worth reading.
If you left the book half-read in a friend’s car, you wouldn’t try to get it back. Very rarely worth reviewing (unless it’s a terrible book by one of your favorite writers).

Reviewer Guidelines

We welcome submissions from all Goddess Women, no matter where they live or where they are on their spiritual paths. We celebrate the diversity of women who embrace the Goddess and hope to hear from a variety of voices in the greater community of Goddess Women.

Reviewed books can be in any published form: print, online text, or audiobook.

Submitted reviews and the books themselves must be of interest to women. Reviewers should keep in mind the MatriFocus ethic: we're about the business of creating a community that's woman-, Goddess-, life-, and earth-positive.

Keep the text under 500 words.

Express your own perceptions and opinions about the book.

Use quotation marks and give credit when you use other people’s words.


  • Long sentences
  • Long paragraphs
  • Long quotes
  • Images
  • Spoilers (plot giveaways that would ruin suspense or anticipation)
  • Slams for the sake of wit
  • Personal attacks on the author(s)


  • What the book’s about (but no spoilers)
  • What makes it worth reading
  • What justifies its rating
  • If applicable: What needs saying about the product itself (such as, for an audio book, “The performer lisps.”)
  • If applicable: Your bias

Submit your reviews to matrifocusreview [{-at-}] gmail [{-dot-}] com.


Graphics Credits

  • screenshot, MatriFocus Review bookblog, © 2009 Feral and Sage. All rights reserved.
Copyright / Terms of Use: Contributors retain the copyright to their work; please do not take art or words without the author's or artist's permission. Other graphics and reference materials are used and attributed as per the Fair Use Provision of The Copyright Act and individual terms of use.

MatriFocus Cross-Quarterly
is a seasonal web journal (zine) for Goddess Women and others interested in Goddess Lore and Scholarship, Goddess Religion (ancient and contemporary), Feminist Spirituality, Women's Mysteries, Paganism and Neopaganism, Earth-based Religions, Witchcraft, Dianic Wicca and other Wiccan Traditions, the Priestess Path, Goddess Art, Women's Culture, Women's Health, Natural Healing, Mythology, Female Shamanism, Consciousness, Community, Cosmology, and Women's Creativity.

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