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My Turn
by Kvayn

Lammas 2002, Vol 1-4
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The Arrow of Artemis

Mad Wild
Pushing, Pumping, Beating
Blood Wild
Fly, oh Bird-thing
Soar, Wind-like One
Fierce, Mighty
Swifter than the rays of the Sun
Oh, go straight, my Dream
Pierce the Heart of god
May all who are Mine be free once more

This poem is written from Artemis' point of view. I wrote it as I heard it (internally) decades ago. I didn't understand it much at all at the time and have only come to understand it better in the past few years. It is the enraged response to the damage the belief in "the one, true male sky god" has done to women and animals and all that is wild and free. It is Artemis shooting at the very heart of the Patriarchy with righteous anger -- with the full intent and ability to bring it down. It is not a Being she is aiming at so much as a belief that is destructive to all She holds dear.

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