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Reader's Review by Sarah Jean -- regular columnist, Chava, is on vacation

Lammas 2002, Vol 1-4
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Reader's Review -- Daybreak:
Meditations for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Maureen Brady's Daybreak consists of meditations for every day of the year. For example, the meditation for my birthday is

Detachment -- Detachment can help me center myself and give me a balanced view of myself separate from others.

Following each meditation are two or three paragraphs explaining it and suggesting ways to apply it to your life. Brady mentions the divine in a number of meditations by using the term "Higher power". For the non-religious, this can be viewed as the higher power within yourself or your self-conscious.

An alphabetized index at the back of the book lists the different ideas for which the book gives meditations. This is very helpful when dealing with a specific problem.

I happened across this book in the RCGI Motherhouse bathroom and found it so helpful that I went to the public library and checked it out. It's a challenging book and an excellent resource for survivors and counselors. I recommend it to everyone, whether they have these issues in their lives or not.

Daybreak: Meditations For Women Survivors Of Sexual Abuse by Maureen Brady, HarperCollins 1991,
ISBN 0-06-255334-8

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