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by Cheryl Rompa
Lammas 2002, Vol 1-4
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Since 9/11
(Meet our Tribe)

Since the violent attacks on the United States last September, many people have been making decisions based on fear and dread. Others say that this horrible event is bringing people together and helping us feel connected to each other. Then there are others who feel even more isolated and marginalized by the 9/11 events. Whatever our experience of the attacks, my hope is that we learn from them and each of us do what we can to deter further violence from taking place, anywhere.

Shortly after Spring Equinox I received a visit from a crone ghost with an urgent message. I am not accustomed to seeing ghosts but I wasn't afraid when she shook me awake, and I was very curious why she chose to bring a message to me. She shook me several times, and as I opened my eyes and blinked three times, she dissipated. She left me with a feeling of urgency and yet I had no idea what was so important for several days.

During meditation for many days afterwards I would ask for clarification. First, I knew I needed to get the Motherpeace Tarot deck. I have not worked with tarot personally much before this, but followed the suggestions provided for me in meditation. By this time I knew the visit had to do with more terrorist attacks on the US. I did a simple 3-card spread (past, present and future) to try to understand what I was to do next. The past card was the Star, the present card, the Moon, and the future card, the Tower. I encourage you all to read about these cards in Vicki Noble's book, Motherpeace Tarot.

It was very clear to me after more meditation that the message from the crone is that we can make a difference about violence here in the US and around the world. I know there have been many people before me that have asked to have energy put toward peace and connectedness. Mine is another voice in the mix -- so say a prayer, do a dance, sing a song, write a poem, light a candle -- do whatever will carry the energy of connectedness and understanding toward peace. Don't stop until we are all safe from violence. Violence in our homes, on our streets, in our cities, towns and skies.

Blessed Be!


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