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Lammas 2003, Vol 2-4
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"at" sign, "Reader's Mail"I thoroughly enjoyed "Women Weaving the Worlds" (Carolyn Lee Boyd, Beltane 2003). It paralled a journal entry I had made the day after my twin and I celebrated our 55th new birth day.

Quilt Makers (a journal entry). May 4, 2003

I have a painting on the wall signed by Sauceda, a local artist I met when I attended a Full Moon Ceremony. It depicts several women gathered together, working on projects. One woman stands next to a sandbox, carrying a can of paint. She knows time and patience will see the job completed. One woman
faces the sun, hand on head -- perhaps there is too much mental agitation. Several women are troweling stone walls of a pueblo, filling their tools with clay. One woman stands on a ladder, earth on her trowel, rising above foolishness and suspicion.. These are aspected selves of the women who paint and lead, these are women gathered together working in harmony.

I write this journal debriefing from yesterday's conversations. My sister made me a memory quilt for my birthday. Her accompanying letter I placed into my treasure chest. She writes of the elements in her design of the quilt, having thought about its creation for five months. She said she had had difficulty with its sewing, but that a friend, Barbara, was endearingly patient to work with her, to remove those stitches my sister thought were imperfect...that weren't making the quilt come together easily. Barbara says often the best way to work is to start in the middle and to work outward.

The quilt has a design of hearts and little women in various print dresses and big hats lined up on a field of bright yellow. A handkerchief carried by an aunt was sewn on the reverse. An embroidered sachet made by our Mother is part of the memories we hold back -- she, having left to the other side. A favorite aunt's lacey petticoat was used to create a border, then gathered around Mom's embroidered handiwork. How did Margo make the machine or her hands work such intricate and perfect hearts. Yet, she writes of her unskilled workmanship. I sit in awe and amazement. Naturally, I wonder. Would I ever be able to do that?

As our friend Barb says, that's how you begin. You start in the middle where balance begins. She spoke to my sister and I of patterns, each patterned instruction making up the delicate balance of our lives as women. In the creative craftswoman, these two quiltmakers, each begins in the middle of their hearts. It is the pattern women rely on, and it guides us to expanded and infinite possibility.

Once I had thought that in order to solve a problem a woman must start from her intuitive and emotional side. Men, I had declared, work a problem from logic and analyze the steps that need to be reach the middle. I understand now. From the middle perspective you can see where confusion exists and holds you in one place. From the middle all adopted illusions about your skills need to be cut away like so many unnecessary threads of experience and/or regrets. Perhaps we are simply creating a new paradigm -- the new feminine. Sauceda -- Success. New melodies and harmonies, working together. Quilts Makers, Stitch Witches -- Mother Earth Keepers, Cauldron Stirrers.

Marshia Kastner

"at" sign, "Editor's Response"
Dear Marshia:

Carolyn and I both enjoyed receiving your email. Thanks for letting us share it with our readers!






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