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The Yin and Yang of It: Living the Wild Woman Wellness Way

Today's woman is Yin deficient. You work all day (at the office, at home or both!), you're a multi-tasking maven, you've got errands down to a science, you're ordering online, making lists, etc., and yet you still can't get it all done. Of course not! Your to-do list would squash a mere mortal. All this work and not enough self-care makes you, me and all of us girl goddesses tight, tense, moody, and tired.

Women Need More Yin!
YIN-YANG is the traditional Chinese philosophy representing the balance of extremes in your life. For example, Yin is light as Yang is dark. Yin is uplifting as Yang is grounding. Yin is sugar (sweet flavor) as Yang is salt (salty flavor). Yin is fruit and vegetables as Yang is protein. Too much yin or yang can throw you off balance and send you running to the fridge.

This is The Dance of Life.
Your body is always striving for balance between these extremes. Your food, exercise choices, career demands, work style and even your environment, such as relationships, living arrangements and fun (or lack of it) can upset your internal balance, so you feel too yin (scattered, spacey and craving salty flavors) or too yang (tight, stressed and craving sugar).

Yin and Sugar Cravings
For example, sugar cravings (cakes, candy and alcohol) can be a result of eating too yang (too much protein, not enough vegetables, especially the green leafy kinds) or even living a too yang lifestyle; working too much, living in big city bustling energy, or trying to do it all, such as owning your own business AND running a family household.

So before you wonder why you can't get your sugar cravings under control and what the hell's wrong with you, consider adding more Yin into your life. Yin foods include, fruits, vegetables and lighter proteins (fish and tofu) and Yin activities such as down-time, having fun and taking breaks during a busy day.

Here are a few Yin nutrient suggestions for the Health Goddess on-the-go!

Sweet Teas for Sugar Cravings Keeping a stash of sweet flavored teas in your desk can soothe a three o'clock sugar craving like a charm. My favorites: Yogi Tea brand Redbush Chai and Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla. Add a splash of soy milk for a creamy taste. Time block: 3-5 minutes

Cinematherapy for PMS Mood Swings There's nothing like a silly chick-flick to lighten up one of those PMS mood swings. A drug-free, fat-free, calorie-free mood booster for less than a grande chai latte. Time block: 2 hours

Emergency Goddess Kit Cures Road Rage A girlfriend and I found ourselves stuck in traffic after a long day. The stress started to build and we felt road rage coming on. Being experienced health super-heroes we realized we needed to put ourselves back in touch with our Fabulous Femme selves STAT. In our combined purses we pulled together an emergency goddess kit: we played with lip gloss, put on earrings, dabbed essential oil on our wrists, popped mints in our mouths and cranked up the tunes of a favorite sister goddess singer. Result: Immediate good time and avoidance of potential melt-down. I highly recommend this. Time block: 5-10 minutes

Popsicles Cure Summer Sugar Cravings! Freeze your favorite smoothie or fresh squeezed juice into popsicle molds. To release your pop from the frozen mold, hold under hot water. Enjoy your succulent ice as a dessert, mid-day pick-me-up or anytime satisfaction of sweet-craving. Since it's hard to scarf down popsicles quickly without a brain freeze, it's highly unlikely you'll eat more than one (equivalent to a small glass of fresh juice). Prep time: 30-60 seconds to pour liquid into molds

Watermelon Tames Your Inner Bad Girl! Whenever I feel tension during the mid-afternoon energy slump, I remember I'm probably just getting too tight (too Yang) and so I head for an expansive treat. Chop the flesh of a watermelon and put in Tupperware to chill in your fridge. When you find yourself feeling stressed, tense or moody, grab the bowl and gobble up as many chilled pieces as you desire for an instant refresher, yin nutrient boost and body soother. Prep: 10-15 minutes depending on size of melon

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