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The Giuliana Legacy

The GIuliana Legacy
Alexis Masters
Health Communications (September 2000)

Like much Goddess fiction, the Giuliana Legacy unveils the dismal picture of a peaceful matricentric culture destroyed by war and greed. What makes this novel intriguing, however, is that it focuses on the rebuilding of goddess-centric community rather than its destruction. Part murder mystery, part journey of self-discovery, part romance, the Giuliana Legacy is a delicious exploration of sacred places, mystical bonds, and love that defies time.

After Julia Giardani’s father is murdered, she finds an odd assortment of postcards tucked away in one of his favorite books. These clues lead Julia to the island of Cyprus, birthplace of Aphrodite, then deep into the Tuscan hills to an abandoned home that burgeons with family secrets — and straight into the arms of destiny.

As Julia sets about giving new life to the abandoned villa that once belonged to her mother, she discovers lost treasures that lead her to revitalize a dying magical tradition that will help her defeat the evil that has stalked her family for centuries. But most importantly, Julia learns about love: Fierce protective love, sensual passionate love, and the love that manifests as sacrifice when she takes her place as the Giardani Heiress. Every step of Julia’s journey is designed to bring her closer to herself as we watch her gather the threads of her past and weave them into a tapestry full of beauty and meaning.

Alexis Masters holds the secret of masterful storytelling in her sensual and artistic subtleties. Although the plot and action is powerful, it is with luscious attention to detail that Masters ensnares her readers and delivers them to the craggy shores of Cyprus and the sun-warmed tones of a Tuscan villa.

The Giuliana Legacy evokes an interconnectedness, a continuity between ourselves, the path we walk, and those who have walked before us. It also provides a gentle reminder that places hold power, and that sometimes when we are looking for a place to belong, it finds us first.

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