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Clearing the Meridians of the Personal and Earth Bodies

Recently someone forwarded to me a channeled message about the world crisis, and it got me to thinking about our meridians and our health, both personal and collective.

A healthy organism has energy circulating throughout--through chakras, meridians, and organs. This energy circulation affects not only physical health, but also mental and emotional health and even how we relate to situations and othersl. Sometime after the attacks of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, it occurred to me that the terrorists perhaps have a block (or excess energy or overheating) in their heart meridian, which can cause excessive impatience and other strong emotions. Here in the West, we keep a lot of our energy in our heads and tend to be overthinking and sometimes underfeeling. Perhaps it might be that in the East it's different.

We all tend to have blocks, no matter which of the four directions we live in, and it's good to clear them periodically, perhaps daily or even several times a day, as needed.

A simple way to clear meridians is by the use of the six healing sounds. These will clear excess or blocking energy from the organs and fill them with conducive, healing energy.

The process works like this

  • exhale the healing sound (see below) as you release the stuck emotion from the meridian
  • imagine the stuck energy leaving your organs and exiting your body
  • inhale the healing energy into the meridian/organ

The Healing Sounds

  1. Shhhhh--releases Anger from the Liver (right side below ribs); when you inhale, breathe in kindness (kind energy).
  2. Haaawww--releases Impatience and Hate from the Heart (center of chest and toward left side of chest); when you inhale, breath in Love/Joy energy.
  3. Hooooo (like blowing out a candle)--releases Worry and Anxiety from the Spleen (left side below ribs); when you inhale, breathe in Fairness and Openness and Trust in a Higher Power
  4. Ssssssss--releases Sadness, Depression, Grief from the Lungs (chest area); when you inhale, breathe in Courage.
  5. Whooooo--releases Fear and Stress from the Kidneys (lower back); when you inhale, breathe in Gentleness (gentle energy).
  6. Heeeee--releases imbalances in the temperature, hormones and systems of the body; when you inhale, breathe in balance and allow your body to come into balance.

You can do this process with your own body, or you can envision releasing the blocked meridians of Earth and then filling Her with healing energies. Whether you do this practice for your individual body, or for the body of Earth, remember to draw energy from the universe and not from your personal store of energy, so that you do not deplete yourself in the process.

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