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medicine bottle (Microsoft Design Gallery Live)Healing Forces

Have you ever wondered about that mysterious and vital force that visits us in times of need and heals our pain? Have you ever, for example, had the most splitting of headaches and then somehow almost instantaneously it disappears? Was it really the two Tylenol tablets you took 10 minutes ago? Was it because you turned on some of your favorite music or your lover just arrived home to comfort you?

I am often in awe of the rapidity and depth of the change from pain to relief. How could I feel so bad and then within minutes be relieved and feel connected to life again looking out through clean lenses instead of an intense and dark smoke screen? Could two Tylenol tablets really be the agent of such change? The use of medication can not explain the time I healed my sore back with only the energy of my hands. Suddenly the two-day long cramp stopped. I once listened to a tape by Ram Dass and felt a lifting of pain as he had his audience tune into forgiveness energy all around the world.

photo of mother and daughter (Microsoft Design Gallery Live)I have often associated healing with the energy of the mother. I once read that some native Americans thought that the greatest shamans were those that could somehow accomplish “mothering” as in the way a mother nurtures her child. These shamans may have spent their whole lifetime tuning into that force that heals which mothers just instinctively have.

My curiosity about this healing energy that flows within us has led me to investigate many types of spiritual traditions, books, people and education. I have no definitive answers as yet. My current belief is that it is a force within me so elemental as to be made of the same stuff as the elements and that if I can tap into it I can heal and release negative and blocked energy that causes pain. I have always associated it with a deep blue energy for those of you who are light readers and makers. It’s the same color as that which I associate with nurturing.

paragraph super-imposed on a photo of a lapis lazuli cabuchon

A few weeks ago, I attended a lecture by a physician from Honduras. Dr. A. was highly honored for his work with people who had suffered from torture. Apparently he came to the US to get the award and the Hopi people delivered it to him. He was an inspiring speaker who emphasized repeatedly the importance of treating women with respect and honoring women’s innate abilities to heal. He also repeatedly emphasized the need to give the power of medicine back to the people, instead of leaving it in the hands of the medical establishment.

I am very grateful as I think about the fact that I have retained “my personal elemental medicine” and that it is within my power to live a healing life. Despite all the programming I have endured, the light still remains within and is accessible. It has been helpful to be involved in the Dianic Wiccan tradition. When I attend rituals and retreats I have been surrounded by other women who are dedicated to the ancient mother goddess. She is ancient but she is available to us today. Perhaps the process of healing is really about remembering her.

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