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Community is about people coming together with loving kindness to nurture, support and challenge each other. Often, it looks very "messy" as we practice creating and sharing space. Much has happened in the last few months to make us think about community. With the ongoing ebb and flow of how relationships change, I've been at times full of joy as women support each other through difficult times and at other times I've been disappointed to tears about how we get tangled up in each other's "stuff."

Acceptance is an important aspect of community, so when judgments and individual opinions are the focus in a group of people, there isn't as much room for thinking well about each other. Sometimes when my opinion stinks (whether it's about myself or another) I get a second opinion. This practice has made me take stock of my own "stuff" before I take it into a community process. It also keeps my head and heart focused on loving my community, which is something that is sometimes hard to practice.

My responsibility as part of a community keep my focus on myself and to take responsibility for myself and for my "stuff." When I do that, I am able to look into my sister's eyes and see her soul's intent. When this happens, I can hold her precious heart tenderly and be accountable for my words and actions toward her.

Each of us has a part in the creation of community...and each of us has responsibility to community. When we stretch ourselves and reach out with love and compassion we are creating the loving attitude necessary for "community " to survive the rough times. It takes each and every one of us to love and uphold community.

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