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My Turn
by Kat Arial

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Samhain 2003, Vol 3-1
MatriFocus, a Cross-Quarterly Web Magazine for Goddess Women Near & Far


You better believe
that within your field of vision
there are more than just cattle.
There is a path leading to a well
that will bring you down to an oracle.
She lives in the belly of you and me.
She knows how to talk to the lock
and make it open, she knows
how to find the other half
of a heart that was broken
and bring it back, she knows
how to sew together a life on a string
of mysterious dreams and regained jewels.
She knows nothing's really missing.

So tell that to yourself
when you meet a slap with your upturned hand.
Go out to the river and talk to her-
you'll find she understands.
Hold a polished pebble in your palm
and you'll feel there is less cause for alarm
because there is a river within us
that is running freely,
smoothing off our edges.
There is a willow by that river
that bends and does not break.
In the storm
you'll find you're resilient and then
you'll learn to breathe, you'll learn to breathe again
and hold the minute in your palm
and let change flow in
with compassion.
With compassion.
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