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Transition, Boundary Crossing, and Transformation

It's cold this morning, and raining. For the second day in a row, high winds are sending pale yellow maple leaves spiralling through the air to land on the thick carpet of brown oak leaves that fell before these winds, these seasonal winds of change.

Johanna Stuckey writes of the Goddess Inanna in this issue:

All of her various aspects and functions involve transition, boundary crossing, and transformation -- food and seed in a storehouse seemingly dead, but alive, poised to become something else; rain which changes infertile to fertile or the opposite.

Yes, this is a season of transition, both for the planet and for MatriFocus. We've crossed a boundary, a milestone: With this issue we've entered our fourth year in cyberprint. And we've been transformed: We have a new look, a new design necessitated by growth -- 13 regular contributors, up from 9, and a new section, book reviews -- and by this web designer/editor's desire to celebrate our growth with a new look, to visually mark this boundary between years three and four.

There's another transition happening, a cosmic, planetary, social, and individual shift, according to the Mayan Calendar with its focus on the planet Venus, especially her once-every-121-years paired transits and specifically the current pair -- Summer Solstice 2004 and Summer Solstice 2012. This astronomically sophisticated calendar, considered by some to be a calendar of nothing less than the evolution of human consciousness, ends on Winter Solstice, 2012. The end of this calendar, fortunately, does not herald the end of the world. Instead, the Calendar predicts that the transit of June 2012 will mark what has been translated as The New Consciousness for the Renewed World.

Of the paired 2004-2012 transits, astrologer Richard Giles says:

The eight years that pass between each (transit) are fecund processing moments for new ideas and world change. (The June 2004 Transit of Venus)

Does all this mean a Golden Age is at our doorstep and that it's up to us to invite it in? Yes! Does it mean that a utopia, a perfect world is just outside the door, waiting for us to step out into it? Well, probably not. It does mean, however, that we have reason to hope for change and believe in positive outcomes, that we can use our spiritual technologies (from prayer to magic to mantras) with renewed confidence in our ablity to co-create reality.

Twinned with recent scientific theories and discoveries about the nature of consciousness, the energy of Venus -- star, goddess and herald of change -- is available to all of us, and to all our relations, to support our beliefs in and our work for a better world, within and without, despite the ever-increasing onslaught of bad news from the usual sources about our planet and our lives.

What does this have to do with MatriFocus? Bellezza Squillace, in this issue's Feminist Astrology article, mentions the Ages of Mother, Father, and Son as ages past, and refers to the current age:

This current age heralds the return of the Daughter. The Daughter, who will be stronger, wiser, healthier, happier and more spiritually connected to all of life around Her, is coming into Her own.

We know ourselves to be daughters of the Goddess. We are in an eight-year passage, a time of Venus, star and god/dess to so many cultures. This is a celestially auspicious time for women to step into our spiritual heritage, to think and act consciously about our choices, our species, our planet.

Those among us who are U.S. citizens will be electing a new president tomorrow. We can hope for presidential focus on clean air, water, soil, and energy, on social justice and human dignity, on cooperation instead of conflict. Yes, we can hope for and vote for this and so much more, but no matter the outcome of this particular election, The Mayan Calendar and the tradition of Aradia tell us that a change is coming, a change which we can shape by growing stronger, wiser, healthier, happier and more spiritually connected. It is our hope that MatriFocus promotes these things in contributors and readers alike.

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