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Life's Reflection

Occasionally, events will occur in our lives that cause us to stop so that we may reflect and re-evaluate all that which comprises the many facets of our life. These periods cause us to reprioritize things, abandon what does not belong or is making our lives more difficult and stressful, and seek out what truly matters to us. The last couple of months have been such a time in my life. During my reflections, it occurred to me that there is absolutely no reason why we should have to wait until moments such as these. Wouldn't it be better to re-examine things at times when there isn't already stress weighing us down? And so, this article comes flowing out of me and onto paper. I truly hope this information is as useful to as you it was to me, and that it leads all of you to making changes in your lives for the better.

The most important factor in making this undertaking a successful one is having a safe, comfortable place. I truly believe that nature is best for this. But where? That's a personal decision. It could be anywhere: a forest, a riverbank, a local park, your own backyard. All that truly matters is that the place feels right to you.

When reflecting, nature can truly aid us in our process. You may wish to include the energies from several allies from the natural world in your journey. Personally, I prefer to work with plant and/or stone energies. There are several to choose from, depending on exactly what you wish to accomplish.

You can use Marjoram for clarity and protection, Nutmeg for learning, comprehension, and knowledge, and Rosemary for the conscious mind, dreams, and knowledge. If you wish to include stones, you can try Tiger's Eye for objectivity, truth, and wisdom, Amethyst for intuition, psychism, and protection from negativity, and Amber for the courage to do what is needed. Of course, there are many other plants and stones whose energies can be helpful to you during your journey, and there may be others that you find more appropriate. These work best for me, but we are all different. Experiment and see what works best for you.

During this time, you may be able to gain insight from your dreams, for dreams are the gateway to the subconscious. They can reveal truths that you are unable, or unwilling, to see when awake. Try to think about your situation before going to sleep. When you awaken, write down any dreams from that night along with the main topic you were focusing on before sleep. If you are unable to remember the entire dream, just note the main symbols and situations. Writing everything down will make it much easier when you later review your notes. When reviewing them, keep in mind that dreams are not always literal, but often rely heavily on symbolism. Give yourself some time and then review your notes again. This will allow you to view the dreams more objectively. You may then see messages and meanings that were not evident to you at first.

During this period of reflection, you may learn that you must release your fears to be able to move beyond what is holding you back and preventing you form reaching your true potential. You may not know what your fears are, so reflect, meditate, journal, do ritual or divination, or something else altogether, to help you see what fears need facing. Determine what you fear, the root of the fear, and how the fear is holding you back, then summor the courage to face your fears and banish them. All of these steps can make it easier to move forward in life, but only if we first understand one simple truth: To truly liberate ourselves from that which is holding us back, we must first love ourselves. By loving ourselves, we will be strong enough to make choices that are in the best interest of ourselves, not others.

Once you have finished reflecting on your life and the changes that should be made, do it! Don't put it off! Since you are getting rid of emotional baggage, take care of the rest, too. You may wish to perform a complete cleansing of home and self, perhaps even including a ritual bath. It is time for a complete "out with the old, in the new!" Now, embrace your new life and look forward to the good things to come.


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Disclaimer: The information contained herein is not intended to replace the services of trained health professionals. You are advised to consult with your health care professional with regard to matters relating to your health, and in particular regarding matters that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

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