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Puzzle: The Amazement of the Land

Hint: If you've read Inanna, Goddess of Infinite Variety in this issue, you'll have an easier time with this puzzle!

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1. The material, consisting mainly of calcium deposited by the remains of marine animals, of which the disk from Ur was made.
3. An uncivilized condition of civilization, governed by 8 Across.
5. The pursuit of the goals of 3 Across.
7. Symbol of 8 Across; a living entity.
8. A Goddess of infinite variety, known as "The Amazement of the Land."
10. An occupation of the great priestess of the moon god Nanna.
12. Only one of 17 Down.
13. Celestial body phase associated with 8 Across.
15. Important Sumerian city; its high priestess was Enheduanna.
16. A "sacred marriage" confirmed this office.
17. Name of the celestial body in 13 Across.
18. A person neither/both male/female, as 8 Across was often portrayed.


1. An ungovernable state; one of the areas governed by 8 Across.
2. The consistent nature of all aspects and functions of 8 Across.
4. 8-pointed star symbol.
6. Natural phenomena governed by 8 Across.
9. Creature part bird, part cat, often seen with 8 Across.
11. Winged associate of 8 Across.
12. Queen of the sky, planet and goddess, both ___ and Evening Star.
14. Sacred animal of 8 Across, in her later form in historic times.
17. Rules and regulations assigned to each cosmic entity and cultural phenomenon so it would operate forever.


Puzzle created with Crossword Compiler by Sage Starwalker, © 2004. All rights reserved.

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