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Warrior of Light by Stephanie Sim

winged woman with wings, rising from a lotus blossom, carrying a spear

Warrior of Light
© 2004 Stephanie Sims. All rights reserved.
larger view of image

The painting, done in watercolour, is one of seven which forms the series, "The Warriors of Light".

Each depicts a chakra, and in this one, it is the root, or sacral chakra. The root chakra grounds us in everything that we do, say and feel. If the root chakra is closed, we do not connect to the world. Because we are part of the earth, her energies and her worlds, when we are not in touch with these seen and unseen dimensions we become disembodied, we stop living in the present, become dissatisfied and forget how to love.

Contemplating this warrior i am reminded that in chaos there is serenity and from serenity comes power and a profound respect for this power.

The Warriors are seven sisters who are the guardians of the chakras -- their energies are those of activity and power, even when in repose. The attitude they embody is best summed up in the beautiful quote found in the Ramayana:

"Plunge into the heat of battle and leave your heart at the lotus feet of God."

Combining male and female energy, but embodied in a woman, they lend
strength, companionship and support to all sisters when it seems there may be none.

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