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Late October Landscapes in Rural Wisconsin

Autumn color highlighted by sunshine upon fresh snow. A harvest not yet reaped, corn and soybean, stand naked in the cold. A few hours after my walk, the snow melted from this field, warming and drying in the sunshine. I wonder if these seeds have been collected and stored for the months ahead. A lot like our life in this Wheel of the Year.

Otter Creek in Highland, Wisconsin, a trout stream

28 October 2006
Otter Creek, Highland, WI

Otter Creek is a restoration trout stream in Highland, WI, protected by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. It is one of many Wisconsin trout streams being reclaimed from years of errosion caused by cattle and from the effects of farm run-off.

I chose this place to photograph in honor of Samhain, because of the strength of this stream. Even though we hibernate during these winter months, we are not frozen solid to opportunity, change, and growth. Trout streams are viable even in the winter, giving life and home to insects, plants, fish and other animals that visit the open water during the winter to stay alive. She flows fast in places and calm in others as she travels over rocks smoothed by time and persistence.

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