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Quan Yin, garden statue

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-- Quan Yin in the Garden
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We have so confused compassion with sympathy. Compassion is really the understanding of the whole world as one, that there's no separation between me and you. If you just give and give and give because you have sympathy, you're not taking care of yourself, and then you're not taking care of the whole world either. Women are trained to give away our own selves so much that it's very very difficult for us to take ruthless action. But if you just give and give, in the end you become a very angry person and you don't know why you're angry. Unconsciously, it bubbles up. When this anger seizes you, it's dangerous. I realized I would have to be able to say no to certain things, which was very difficult for me.

I gave my Kwan Yin the sword of wisdom and ruthless action. So that I can cut through that kind of bullshit sympathy and allow my real self to act. And so that I can really take care of myself, too. And taking care of myself is taking care of others."

(artist Mayumi Oda on "Goddess, Give Us Strength to Cut Through" — her silk-screen dragon-riding, sword-holding Kwan Yin; quoted in Sandy Boucher's book, Discovering Kwan Yin)

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