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MatriFocus: Imbolc/Brigid 2002
Vol 1-2
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Druidess, Odilon Redon


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Matrilocal Ritual
The Foremothers Speak

Focus on Earth -- The Bats are Coming! The Bats are Coming!
  by Artemis
Feminism and Spirituality -- Hard Times Trying to Walk That Talk
  by Feral
My Turn -- Women's Wisdom & Creativity
  Decorating the Temple Walls by Chava
  Groves of Becoming, A Daughter of the Oak by Myrkrida
  Invocation to Brigid by Emmie Laurie Harrison
  Call to Brigid by Savannah Skye
Seasonal Inspiration -- Initiation and New Beginnings
  by Bebhinn
Goddess in the Wheel -- Brigid, Goddess of Earth, Sea and Sky
  by Abby Willowroot
over art -- Druidess, Odilon Redon, 1893, courtesy CGFA
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