round mandala composed of 8 women, with "MatriFocus" superimposed on faint images of Paleolithic Goddesses

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Lammas 2003, Vol 2-4
  A Cross-Quarterly Web Magazine For Goddess Women Near & Far

Goddess in the Spotlight
Goddess and Scholar
  The Hungry Gap
It Takes a Village
Queer Spirituality
  Priest / Priestess
Green Witch
  Natural Menopause
'Tis the Season
  Alex on a Swing
Meet Our Tribe
Letter to the Editor

Cihuacoatl, Aztec Snake Goddess (stone stele)
Focus on Earth
by Patricia Monaghan
  The Stone Heart of Summer
Feminist Spirituality
by Feral
Do Not Remove this Label: Sex and Spirituality
Goddess in the Wheel of the Year by Linde
  Lammas: Goddess of the Grain Reborn
The Thealogy of Belief by Kila
My Brick House -- Myth-making, Truth, History, and Belief
My Turn -- Women's Wisdom & Creativity
  Guided Meditation, Autumn Equinox by Judith Laura
  A Quick Guide to Reading Playing Cards by Cheryl Lynne Bradley

COVER ART -- Cihuacoatl -- Photo courtesy of Edgar Martin del Campo.
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