round mandala composed of 8 women, with "MatriFocus" superimposed on faint images of Paleolithic Goddesses

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Lammas 2004, Vol 3-4
A Cross-Quarterly Web Magazine For Goddess Women Near & Far
Goddess in the Spotlight
  Asherah and the
  God of the Early Israelites

Goddess and Scholar
  Finding Women and the
  Sacred in European

Queer Spirituality
  Reclaiming the Power of
  Virtue and Reverence

Green Witch
  Embracing Peace and

Mother Nature, Mother Earth
  Blue Mounds Prairie
Focus on Earth
  Messages from Hawks by Patricia Monaghan
Celestially Auspicious Occasions: Seasons, Cycles, & Celebrations
  Deep in Midsummer by Donna Henes
Wise Woman Tradition
  Optimum Nutrition: Cooked or Raw? by Susun Weed


  March for Women's Lives by Lydia Ruyle
  Circe the Transformer by sisalfish
  Tarot and the Affirmation of Women's Spirituality by S h e r r y A. M a r t s
  Spirit Flight by Nellie Levine

-- sketch detail: Mutti's Matrioshkas © 2004 Lydia Ruyle. All rights reserved. Please do not cut & take.
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