round mandala composed of 8 women, with "MatriFocus" superimposed on faint images of Paleolithic Goddesses

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Samhain 2003, Vol 3-1
  A Cross-Quarterly Web Magazine For Goddess Women Near & Far
Goddess in the Spotlight
  Anat, Warrior Virgin of the Ancient Levant
Goddess and Scholar
  Seeking the Goose-Girl
It Takes a Village
  Looking Into Our Shadows
Queer Spirituality
  Practicing Passionate Partnership for Peace
Green Witch
  Autumn is the Time of Mother Nature's Withdrawal

Focus on Earth
by Patricia Monaghan
  Haunted by Legend
Goddess in the Wheel of the Year by Linde
  Samhain: Goddess of the Underworld
Goddess Thealogy and the Art of Peace by Kila
Reconciling Kali and Gauri
Wise Woman Tradition by Susun Weed
  The Wise Woman Tradition Empowers Women
My Turn -- Women's Wisdom & Creativity
  Compassion by Kat Arial
  Restoration by Karen Runkles Throener
  Guided Meditation, Winter Solstice by Judith Laura
Modern Goddesses of the Urban Landscape by Quedishtu

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