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Artist Kate Clapper

Kate was born in rural Illinois and raised in southeastern Wisconsin. Much of her time was spent outdoors while growing up, and the landscape of the midwest has had a profound influence on her. Summer visits to her grandparents' farm in western Kansas emphasized the integral relationship that exists between people and land, and helping out in the family garden kept her hands adequately dirty.

Kate earned a BFA with emphasis in printmaking and photography from UW-Milwaukee in 1997. For several years after that she managed the printmaking studios at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design before deciding to focus fully on her art making by pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at UW-Madison. During her graduate studies she fell in love with letterpress printing. After graduating in 2003 Kate chose to stay in Madison, WI, and in 2005 she acquired a Vandercook letterpress. Currently she spends her time making art, developing her small custom letterpress printing business, gardening, and playing with friends and family.

To learn more about the artist, see samples of her work, or read her blog, please visit her website at


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